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About: Who Is Coach Freeman

Coach/Certified Personal Trainer

Anrique is a Certified USATF LEVEL 3 Coach (the primary governing body for Track and Field in the United States).

Anrique has been involved in fitness and sports since taking his first steps and now, as a Coach/Personal Trainer, he has the opportunity to share his love for both with all age groups. Anrique enjoyed an illustrious collegiate career while obtaining multiple degrees in Aerospace Engineering with emphasis in Physiology from the University of Southern California and Tuskegee University. During this time he enjoyed the sport of Track and Field, competing as a NCAA sprinter/hurdler and achieving accolades in 110 meter high hurdles as well as the 400 meter intermediate hurdles. Currently, he devotes his spare time to his passion ,mentoring young people, which is an advancement of his dream to assist athletes in unleashing their true potential in all sports. In addition to coaching youth Football and Track, he tutors in Math and Science.

"The USATF Coaches Registry was originally conceived by the Coaches Advisory Committee to set standards for coaches affiliated with USATF. It includes a four-pronged process, which will create a registry of coaches who have demonstrated the ethics, honesty and trustworthiness necessary for endorsement by the national governing body of the sport."