1.The PLYOMETRICFUSION YOUTH TRACK CLUB is a non-profit organization with members from both SCYTFC/VCYTFC and high schools all over the area comprising the team

2.The focus of the PlyometricFusion Track Club is to build our athletes into future leaders.

3.The PlyometricFusion Track Club has a well-rounded program that emphasizes education, teaches responsibility, leadership, discipline, volunteering, and builds self-esteem in the athletes.

4.The staff donates a minimum of 3 days a week for training, plus time for track meets.

5.If you are interested in learning more ABOUT US, joining our organization, or interested in sponsoring the PlyometricFusion Track Club, please send us a message from contacts


We need competent unselfish individuals who can organize and handle all types of paperwork for the club including all arrangements for out of town trips. These individuals should also be able to type and to keep accurate records.


Coaches should be able to communicate with the kids as well as the adults.


We are searching for an individual or group of individuals that have more than basic communication skills, but is also honest and trust worthy. They will be a big part in representation of the PlyometricFusion Track Club.