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Training: Unleash Your True Potential

The Plyometric Fusion training regiments are made for all ages and many high intensity sports. Through the use of strategic range of motion techniques athletes who are serious about getting faster, quicker, stronger and more fluid with all ranges of motion found in common physical activities will enjoy the relaxed, stress-free workouts. PF methods develop fluid stabilization mechanics associated with acceleration and consistent co-ordination skill sets needed to be at the height of preparedness for any activity. PF does not interfere with a child’s growth plate development as weights ineffectively will do. My program uses PF consistent with the proper use of potential body weight movements and structured development of sprinting techniques. Kinetic Strength Bands and hurdling plyometric drills will be used to gain greater control of Hip-Flexor flexibility and overall quickness. This is done in a relaxed friendly environment where athletes can feel at ease, calm and not stressed by forced orders or commands.

Sprint | Hurdle | Football | Lacrosse | High Jump

Plyometric fusion Training is dedicated to the goal of creating awesome athletes while emphasizing training methods to decrease the potential for injury and increase your child's speed, strength and agility. PF methods will motivate, improve self-esteem, establish a foundation of sound training principles and habits to guide our athletes to higher levels of performance. Hardcore is based upon a progressive training system that builds faster, more powerful and more agile athletes.

The athlete is working on multiple objectives with the use of this high impact plyometric drill.  This drill concentrates on generating explosive power as well as controlled balance needed to induce strictly vertical direction with pinpoint light rebound for added strength endurance. This forces the athlete to bring the knees directly up to the torso to clear the 30” hurdle.

Some attributes from this drill are as follows:




•Explosive Power

•Cardio-Vascular development

•Anaerobic Alactic Speed Development